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About Bridge Base Inc.

Bridge Base Inc. was founded in 1990 by Fred Gitelman, President, and Dr. Sheri Winestock, Vice-President. Their first two products, BASE II (1990) and BASE III (1991) were analytical tools designed for serious students of bridge. In 1992 Bridge Base Inc. released the DOS version of Bridge Master, an educational software product designed for players of all levels of ability. Bridge Master has been translated into several languages, including Dutch, Danish, French, German, and Italian. Bridge Master is widely considered the greatest medium ever devised for learning declarer play technique.

In 1994 Bridge Base Inc. began the development of Bridge Engine. Bridge Engine is an authoring tool for creating bridge software products for Windows. One of the uses of Bridge Engine is to convert bridge books into interactive software products. The Club Series (1995), Counting at Bridge (1996), and Private Bridge Lessons, Volume I, (1998) Volume II, and Defense are all examples of these sorts of Bridge Engine applications. Bridge Master for Windows (1996) is another Bridge Engine application. Bridge Base Inc. developed the Pendergraph vugraph software using Bridge Engine. Pendergraph is the vugraph program used in all North American Championships and all World Championships held in North America.

The advantage of using one program (Bridge Engine) to create several applications is that all of the resulting applications will have the same look and feel, making it easier for the user to learn to use our software. We have recently added the ability to create web pages to Bridge Engine. The bridge hand and auction diagrams on this site were created using Bridge Engine. In 1999, the user interace and special features of Bridge Engine were enhanced. Learn to Play Bridge, a free program available through the American Contract Bridge League, was the first program generated by the updated engine. Bridge Master 2000, an upgrade to Bridge Master for Windows, soon followed and all new programs will be generated using the state of the art Bridge Engine.

Fred Gitelman is currently responsible for all software design and development as well as bridge analysis. In 1998 Fred began a contract with Microsoft to develop their online bridge service which is now available as free at The Gaming Zone.. Dr. Sheri Winestock is responsible for documentation, software testing, and running the day-to-day operations of the company. Sheri is in charge of "animation" - the process of using Bridge Engine to convert written bridge material into computer software products - and is the Webmaster of this site. Bridge Base Inc. also employs Chrys Schock and Shelagh Paulsson of Toronto on a part-time basis. Chrys and Shelagh are responsible for data entry, software testing, and artwork.

Fred Gitelman, (1965), has a strong background in both computer science and bridge. Fred learned to program in BASIC when he was 12 years old. He studied computer science at the University of Toronto. Before founding Bridge Base Inc., Fred worked for three years in the Research and Development department of Netron Inc. of Toronto, a world leader in developing software engineering tools. Fred currently does most of his programming in C, C++, and Java. Fred learned to play bridge at age 18 and was immediately captivated by the game. Fred has studied and played bridge intensely ever since and he is now widely considered one of the top bridge players. Fred has twice finished second in World Championship events (1991 World Junior Championships and 1995 Bermuda Bowl). Fred won the Gold Medal in the 2002 IOC Grand Prix and won the Silver Medal in the 1997 Maccabiah Games. He won the 2003 Cavendish Invitational Pairs and has won a number of North American Championships, including the 2001 Resinger Board-A-Match Teams. Along with invitations to play in international bridge events (Netherlands, London, Indonesia, Denmark, China, and Iceland), Fred has maintained a career as a successful bridge writer as well as a part-time professional player. Fred's other interests include: downhill skiing, tennis, golf, juggling, computer science, and mathematics.

Dr. Sheri Winestock, (1962), completed her Doctorate in the History and Philosophy of Psychology at York University in Toronto. Sheri has worked full-time for Bridge Base Inc. since her graduation. Her excellent management, organizational, bridge, and language skills have made a major contribution to the success of the company. Sheri has some programming experience as well. Sheri is a high level bridge player and represented Canada in the 2000 Venice Cup. Sheri was a silver medalist in the 1997 Maccabiah Games. Sheri's other interests include: golf, downhill skiing, tennis, jigsaw puzzles, and cryptic crossword puzzles.

Fred and Sheri live with their dog, Magic, in Las Vegas.

Throughout the history of our company we have been fortunate to receive the support of several prominent bridge players including:

Warren Buffett, Audrey Grant, Bob Hamman, Eric Kokish, Michael Lawrence, Zia Mahmood, Brent Manley, and Eric Rodwell.

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