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By: Ted Horning

Originally Published in The Toronto Star, August 26, 1997

Canadian team of Fred Gitelman, Sheri Winestock, Steve Aarons and Peter Schwartz had a marvelous triumph in Israel recently, finishing second in the Maccabiah games.

It was a great result so the team should feel proud of their achievement. However, I want to write about a sickening feeling that East had. Here is that sickening situation.

2 was Stayman, looking for a major suit

Opening lead: 5

East's K lost to Sheri's A and Sheri, hoping to bring the spadee suit in profitably, led a low spade to dummy's 10. East won the J and shifted to a low club. Sheri ducked and West won the J.

West reverted to diamonds by leading the 8 and East's 10 forced out the Q.

Sheri then play a heart to the K and another heart. She was able to win two more heart tricks, forcing East to make a discard. East pitched a spade.

Sheri now exited with a diamond and East was able to cash the third and fourth defensive tricks in that suit. Here is the sickening situation that East found himself facing.

With no red cards left, East must lead a black card. A spade lead into dummy's AQ will give declarer all of the remaining tricks in that suit. A club lead into Sheri's AQ will give her all of the tricks in that suit.

It is a wonderful story of a great achievement for our Canadian team but it is surely a sickening story for East.

Well done, team. Mazel tov!

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