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Originally Published in the North American Bridge Championships Daily Bulletin, August 4, 1989

It is somewhat of an art to play a Moysian (4-3) fit well - but what about a hyper-Moysian, a 4-2 fit? Sheri Winestock and Fred Gitelman had the "opportunity" to play such a fit twice in the second qualifying session of the NABC IMP Pairs. Both times they showed a profit.

How do you like THAT trump suit? The opening lead was the J, won in the closed hand. The 9 was passed to the A, and East returned the K to dummy's A. Winestock ruffed a diamond and took another spade finesse. Now she cashed dummy's black winners and ruffed another diamond. She led the 13th spade, and West ruffed small. Winestock, with the hand counted accurately, pitched a diamond, and East was forced to overruff. As a result, dummy's K took the eighth trick for a gain of 3 IMPs.

Later in the session, this hand came up.

East led the singleton club to Gitelman's J. He played to dummy's A and continued with the 10. West ducked, so Gitelman overtook with the Q. He exited with a small spade and West cooperated by drawing the last trump.

Then came a heart, and Gitelman was quick to rise with the A and run his clubs for eight tricks and another plus 3 IMPs.

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