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By: Barry Rigal

Originally Published in Bridge Magazine, May 1997

Before the finals of the Reisinger started I had time to play in another Swiss Teams event, and to see my partner produce a very elegant play; Sheri Winestock, who is partners with Fred Gitelman in the Bridge Base computer program, generally considered to be one of the premier bridge computer programs, is no mean player in her own right. On this hand from the Swiss Teams at San Francisco she demonstrated good judgement in the auction and expert timing in the play. Holding the South hand at adverse vulnerability, against a pair of young experts (Greco is part of the USAII team for the World Championships in Canada, and Hampson was part of the losing Canadian team in Ann Arbor) she had to decide how to deal with her rather awkward hand; having passed initially she made up for it subsequently.

Sheri won the opening lead and carefully played a spade up at once. West won the king of spades and tried to cash a second club. Sheri ruffed, and played a heart to dummy on which West discarded a small club. Now a spade ruff and a diamond finesse for a third round of spades saw East discard a low diamond; not to worry, his shape was known to be 2-4-3-4 from the auction. A second diamond to dummy, and another spade ruff allowed her to exit with a losing diamond. At this point if West was allowed to hold the lead he could only play a club, which would allow Sheri to take her three trumps separately; To prevent this East chose to ruff his partner's winner to play trumps, but then Sheri led a good spade from dummy, forcing East to ruff with his last trump. Sheri could overruff, and the last trick went to her ten of diamonds.

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