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BridgeVu - Free Bridge Movie Viewer

Please read the following important information!

BridgeVu is a free Windows program that was developed by Bridge Base Inc. and is used for viewing various types of Bridge Movies (.lin files). Examples of Bridge Movies are Deals of the Week (available through this web site) and the Online Vugraph presentations available through several web sites (such as and This program can also be used to review the log files that are created by online bridge games such as the MSN Gaming Zone and OKBridge. BridgeVu has the ability to browse most .pbn (Portable Bridge Notation) files as well. BridgeVu comes with several sample .lin and .pbn files.

When you install BridgeVu on your computer, this program will be established as the default viewer for files with extensions of .lin, .pbn, .log (Zone log files), and .rec (OKBridge log files). If you subsequently select a file of any of these types, Windows will automatically open that file using BridgeVu. Here are a few examples of how useful this can be:

  • If the file you want to view resides on your computer, simply double click on its icon in Windows Explorer.
  • If the file you want to view resides on the Internet, simply enter the URL of that file in your browser's address line. As an example, select the following URL after you have downloaded and installed this software (either by clicking on the following link or by typing this URL in your browser's address area):
  • If you received the file you want to view as an e-mail attachment, select the file in whatever way you normally select files with your e-mail software (click on the paperclip if you are using Outlook Express, for example).
  • Exciting News! BridgeVu now contains the ability to solve any double dummy problem quickly and with complete accuracy! This analysis is provided by a remarkable program called Deep Finesse. We would like to express our extreme gratitude to Mr. William Bailey, the brilliant programmer who created Deep Finesse, for kindly allowing us to incorporate his software technology into BridgeVu.

    If you appreciate the implementation of Deep Finesse in BridgeVu, it is highly recommended that you purchase the full version of this program. Deep Finesse allows the user to enter any bridge deal for double dummy analysis (whereas BridgeVu allows only the deals that are contained in Bridge Movies to be analyzed). Deep Finesse is rich in features and has an excellent user interface. You can find out more information about Deep Finesse and order a copy, either through this web site or through

    Bridge Base Inc. has made BridgeVu available as a free download, but in order to use this program you must abide by the licensing agreement that is presented when the program is installed on your computer. Here are a few key points that you should be aware of:

  • It is illegal to redistribute this program in any way. If your friends want a copy of BridgeVu send them to this web site and they can download it themselves.
  • It is illegal to use BridgeVu for any commerical purpose without the express written consent of Bridge Base Inc.
  • It is illegal to make copies of the files that can be viewed with BridgeVu unless you have the permission of the author and/or owner of such files.
  • System Requirements: IBM compatible computer, Windows 95 or better, 3 MB free hard disk space, at least 800x600 screen resolution.

    Click here to begin download (1.4MB)

    Once BridgeVu has been installed on your PC use the ? button at the far right of the program's toolbar for additional documentation. If you find any bugs in this software or have any suggestions, please e-mail Fred Gitelman. We expect this program to continue to evolve and new versions will be made available through this web site.

    Once BrdigeVu is installed on your PC, all of the .lin files of past Deals of the Week are available for free download here.

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