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Deal of the Week

Bridge Base Inc. is proud to present our latest bridge applet. We hope you will find the interface on this applet easier to use and more effective than our old applet. If you are having trouble using this applet or have any suggestions, please e-mail. We thank the readers who have reported some problems and we hope to have a perfectly-working applet shortly. It appears that at this time, Internet Explorer is better than Netscape for viewing the applet in its new form.

The new applet comes in 3 different sizes. Depending on your computer, video resolution, browser, and personal preferences, any one of these sizes could be best for you. Click on one of the links below to view that version. Try all three to see which one you like best.

Small version - Big version - Window version

This week you get to play the Deal of the Week as if it were a Bridge Master 2000 hand.

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In order to view the Deal of the Week you need a Java compatible browser (such as Netscape Navigator 2.02 or Microsoft's Internet Explorer 3.0 at minimum). You also need 32-bit internet access, which generally means Windows 95 at minimum if you are using a PC.

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