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Deal of the Week #393 - Final Deal of the Week

The Deal of the Week is written by Fred Gitelman, the President of Bridge Base Inc. The software used to present The Deal of the Week and Online Vugraph is a Java applet that was developed by Bridge Base Inc. If you are interested in having presentations like The Deal of the Week and Online Vugraph appear on your web site, please e-mail

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The Deal of the Week is available in four different sizes. Depending on your computer, video resolution, browser, and personal preferences. Any one of these sizes could be best for you. Click on one of the links below to view that version. Try all four to see which one you like best. The Deal of the Week sometimes takes a few minutes to load. Please be patient! We think you will find the wait to be worthwhile.

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The final Deal of the Week.

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The Deal of the Week is now available by e-mail. You must first download and install Bridge Base Online in order to view our weekly deal in this manner. Please e-mail if you would like to be added to the Deal of the Week e-mail list.

BridgeVu users can download past Deals of the Week (which are .lin files) by going to our .lin file list.

Please e-mail if you are having trouble accessing The Deal of the Week or if you would like to see one of your favorite deals appear as The Deal of the Week.

In order to view the Deal of the Week you need a Java compatible browser (such as Netscape Navigator 2.02 or Microsoft's Internet Explorer 3.0 at minimum). You also need 32-bit internet access, which generally means Windows 95 at minimum if you are using a PC.

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