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Instructions for New Deal of the Week Applet

The new Deal of the Week applet has many features. Below is a screen shot of the small version. Clicking on this picture will not have any effect here.

Important note: In order to speed up the presentation of the applet, some of the buttons are diabled to begin with. The presentation begins with cards presented in a standard hand diagram. Once pictures of playing cards have been loaded the button will be enabled and you can switch to pictures of playing cards which is a nicer mode.

Play Screen Features:
-The deal number and vulnerability are shown in the box at the left hand top corner. When someone is vulnerable their side of the square is colored red. In this example, no one is vulnerable so all sides of the square are white.
-The bidding diagram is at the right top corner. Bids that have explanations are surrounded by a grey square. Moving your mouse over the highlighted bid, will display the explanation.
-The pile of tricks at middle right is only shown when pictures of playing cards are used. Moving your cursor over any trick pile will display the cards played to that trick. In hand diagram mode, moving your cursor over the yellow box noting Tricks won will display the cards played to the last trick.

The Buttons:
Clicking this button takes you back to the beginning.
Clicking this button takes you back one sentence or card.
Clicking this button moves you forward one sentence or card.
This button toggles between pictures of playing cards and standard hand diagrams.
Toggles between large display and small display. In large display, you cannot see the text.
Toggles between removing played cards from the display and greying out played cards.
The Interactive Quizzes:
There are three types of quizzes: multiple choice, choosing a card, and bidding. After answering a quiz, you must use the button to proceed. If you choose a wrong answer, you can make a new selection. Clicking the Tell me button will show the answer.

To answer a multiple choice quiz, simply click the button displaying your choice.

To answer a card quiz, simply click the card you desire.

In order to answer a bidding question, you can choose between pass, double, redouble, or any level of a bid. Only possible bids will be available. If you wish to choose Pass, Double, or Redouble, simply click on that bid. If you wish to choose another call, click on the level of the bid. The display will then show the denominations possible.

Move your cursor to the desired denomination and click the suit.

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