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  • Bridge Software & Books plus much more
  • Carl Ritner Used Bridge Books/Magazines; ACBL Library Sale
  • Bridge Overseas Bridge Holidays
  • Romanian Bridge Federation Romanian Translation of Bridge Master 2000
  • Bridge Base Hungary Our dealer in Hungary
  • D&B Publishing Games book publishers
  • MasterPoint Press Bridge books and software
  • A Guide to be a Good Bridge Player By Frank Fongasira
  • Vince Oddy's Bridge Bridge products
  • Sherman Designs Guide cards for all bridge movements
  • Spielkartenwelt Wide variety of playing cards plus other products
  • Postfree Bridge Books 1000s of second hand bridge books
  • Q-plus software German Bridge Master and much more
  • BRidgeBRowser Home page of BRidgeBRowser
  • EDBridge Danish, Norwegian & Swedish Bridge Master
  • Bridge Diffusion French Bridge Master products
  • Martin Lewis Products in New Zealand
  • Baron Barclay World's Largest Bridge Supply Co. (USA)
  • Bridge Magazine Shop in London and online shopping
  • Mr. Bridge Another major British bridge company
  • J.W. & S. Hardy Products from Australia
  • The Bridge Shop Products from Australia
  • Batsford Books
  • MindRacer Publishing Innovative Products for Bridge
  • Bridge Holidays at S'Algar in Menorca
  • Bridgetrix Bridge Software
  • Dealmaster Sophisticated deal generator
  • HCS-USA System Notebook Software
  • Bridge Odyssey The home of Meadowlark Bridge
  • Bob's Bridge Book Bonanza
  • Karen's Bridge Library Lessons, Articles and Reviews
  • Mastering Bridge
  • Bridge Classes Online Susan Doty
  • Tony's Bridge Site UK
  • John Thomas
  • Migry Zur Campanile
  • Learn Bridge Everything for the novice
  • Kent Feiler's Bridge Page
  • Geoff Bowden's Web Site
  • Bridgepro
  • Bill Slepin's Web Site
  • American Bridge Teachers' Association
  • Larry Cohen's Web Site
  • Ron Klinger's Web Site
  • Mike Lawrence's Web Site
  • Kitty Munson's Home Page
  • Richard Sampson's Home Page
  • Onedown School of Bridge
  • David Stevensons's Bridge Page
  • Jonathan Steinberg's Home Page
  • Malcolm's Great Bridge Links
  • Hans Van Staveren's Bridge on the Web
  • Randy Corn's Home Page
  • Services & Clubs Publications
  • Bridge Forum Intnerational School for players of all levels
  • Learn Bridge Step-by-step beginners course, ezine & tips
  • Information source
  • Hungarian BBO Club
  • Dutch Bridge Portal
  • Halifax Bridge World
  • Duplicate Bridge in the Niagara Region
  • Bridge Pass Europe Travel Guide for bridge players
  • Albabridge Information in Turkish
  • Brydz Information in Polish
  • Ricoleta Club De Bridge Latin American bridge in Spanish
  • Hamburg Alster Bridge Club
  • Bridge-Verband Hamburg-Bremen Information in German
  • All About Bridge Information on all aspects of bridge
  • Bridge7 Teaching in English and Turkish
  • Per H. Lange's bridgesider Norwegian bridge site
  • WebForClubs Solving the Internet puzzle for clubs
  • Bridge Forum Online bridge school
  • ECats Bridge Extensive Bridge Resource
  • Bridge Bidding Trainer Practice your own bidding system
  • Information in English and Italian
  • Championship Bridge Video Broadcasts of Tournaments
  • Albor Information in English & Italian
  • Bridge Passion Educational material in English & French
  • Latin Bridge Online Bridge Club in Spanish
  • Kate Buckman's Bridge Studio Toronto
  • Manhattan Bridge Club
  • Double Bay Bridge Centre Bridge Down Under
  • BridgeSnaps Newsletter
  • Book called Standard American 21
  • Book on Competitive Bridge Bidding
  • World Bridge News
  • Bridge World Magazine Our favorite magazine
  • Australian Bridge
  • Post-Mortem
  • Bulletins from International Tournaments.
  • Bridge Today Magazine By the Granovetters
  • Dutch Magazine IMP
  • Organizations Other Interesting Sites
  • World Bridge Federation
  • American Contract Bridge League
  • Austrian Bridge Federation
  • Canadian Bridge Federation
  • Central American & Caribbean Bridge Federation
  • Contract Bridge Association of Ireland
  • Croatian Bridge Federation
  • Danish Bridge Federation
  • English Bridge Union
  • Israeli Bridge Federation
  • Netherland Bridge Union
  • Swiss Bridge Federation
  • Israeli Juniors Website
  • Carl's Game Teach new players
  • Double Dummy Problems By Hugh Darwen
  • Youth Bridge in Australia
  • Software Reviews
  • Rec.Games.Bridge Newsgroup
  • Aus.Games.Bridge Newsgroup

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