Bridge Base Online

BBO - Bridge Base Online - is our online bridge service. Free, no strings attached. Really.

BBO is a free, 2-year old online bridge site. It is actively maintained and is always bustling with activity. Supported by a thriving community of bridge lovers from around the globe, BBO is more than just a place to play bridge.

We're bigger, nicer, and more involved than any alternative. We're here for you.

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Free Stuff

  1. Tournaments! Dozens of daily Matchpoint/IMP tournaments. Individual and Pair Events.
  2. Teams! Board-a-match and IMP scoring. Total Points, for the retro.
  3. Duplicate! IMP, Matchpoint, Rubber, and Total Point tables.
  4. Vugraph! Frequent live coverage of interesting and important bridge events, with expert commentary.
  5. Partnership bidding! Tune up your system and your partner in our partnership bidding rooms
  6. Clubs! Setup a private club and keep us proles out. Or use it with your students.
  7. Weekly deal! Expert analysis provided by Fred Gitelman and delivered via email or the web, your choice.
  8. Content! Kibitz, study, learn, chat about, teach or practice bridge.
  9. More! Hand records. Chat rooms. Public clubs. Not to mention lectures in dozens of languages from your pickup partner.
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Stuff that costs money

  • We have an online store, where you can purchase bridge CDs. Or not.
  • We run several ACBL tournaments daily, for a dollar a game, if that turns you on

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You'll need a PC. Mac users will need PC-emulation software.

Need help? Email us at or try the online help.
Bored or suspicious? How about some slightly outdated screenshots, or the truth.

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