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Bridge Base Online is a free service offered to bridge players everywhere by Fred Gitelman and Sheri Winestock. Fred and Sheri own and operate Bridge Base Inc., which sells educational bridge software.

To quote Fred

We get a lot of questions like, "When are you going to start charging money to play on this site?" and "How do you plan on making money through BBO?".
The answer to the first question is easy: Our hope is to keep this site free "forever". As long as we can afford it, BBO will remain 100% free.

That being said, it is important for BBO members to realize that Bridge Base Inc. is able to stay in business due to the sale of educational software products for bridge.

If you appreciate the fact that BBO is free and would like to see it remain that way, please support our efforts by purchasing our educational software products. Not only will you be helping BBO by doing this, you will be helping your own bridge game - we promise you will enjoy using our educational products and that they will be very good for your bridge!

BBO is staffed by Fred, Sheri, and a number of dedicated and cheerful volunteers. We speak English, Polish, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish and Chinese.

BBO is committed to maintaining a pleasant playing atmosphere. We are very quick to suspend players who don't behave accordingly. Yell if someone acts out.

About ads: we currently display the occasional ad for one of our educational products in the corner of the lobby. We may add more ads in the future. We may not.

About commercialization: we will someday offer our educational content through BBO. Naturally, not for free. We already run several tournaments a day (including ACBL tournaments) that charge a card fee.

About privacy: BBO collects very little information from the customer. We don't need your real name, email address, occupation, zipcode or anything else. We use some of the information that we do gather (mostly stuff about your PC) to help us keep troublemakers away, to make sure that our customers are running the latest version of our software, and to learn a little bit about the PCs running our software (we know what screen size most of our users are running, for instance, so we can decide whether to modify our program accordingly). We log some public (only public) chat and use it to resolve disputes. We don't use any personal information (such as we have) for mailings or anything else.

About other platforms: We don't support Linux, but we understand that our software runs well under vmware. We hear rumours that it runs under Cedega. Our software will run on a Mac provided the Mac has installed commercial software from Microsoft that allows Windows programs to run on a Mac. We have no immediate plans to alter this situation.

We're determined to make BBO the best online site on the net. We welcome suggestions and criticisms - drop us a line at

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