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By: Paul Linxwiler

Originally Published in The American Contract Bridge League BULLETIN, May 2000

Eddie Kantar Teaches Modern Bridge Defense was named the 1999 American Bridge Teachersí Association Book of the Year, and for good reason: itís one of the best primers on the topic of defense in bridge literature.

How do you top something like that? By releasing an interactive, CD-ROM version of the book.

For educational purposes, itís tough to beat interactive software. It allows the reader to focus on sections heís interested in, it prompts the reader to answer important questions and it quizzes the reader to test for comprehension.

The graphics are excellent. The software by Bridge Base replicates at-the-table action by showing the cards played from each hand during the deal.

The text guides the reader through the nuts and bolts of defensive techniques. There is nothing fancy here. In the quizzes, Kantar continually asks the reader, ďWhich card do you lead?Ē, and then explains why the readerís answer is right or wrong. This product focuses on the process by which good defenders make their decisions.

I liked the book, but given the choice Iíd choose the CD version without reservation.

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