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By: Brent Manley

Originally Published in The American Contract Bridge League BULLETIN, August, 2000


Larry Cohen is on a roll. Besides success at the bridge table - he was on the winning team in the recent International Team Trials and he and regular partner David Berkowitz were third in the Cavendish pairs event - Cohen is also doing great at the computer.

To wit: the second installment in his outstanding instructional software, which takes the user through the actual deals played in the Life Master Pairs at the 1999 San Antonio Summer NABC.

As you bid and play each of the 52 deals with the interactive program, you benefit from Cohenís expertise and advice - and thereís tons of it. If you are familiar with the first volume, you know how many decisions you have to make in the course of each deal - and how important each can be to the outcome.

The second edition of this program does just as much. No bid or play is undertaken without some commentary by Cohen, with lots of explanation. This program wonít make you an expert overnight, but it will help you learn to make better decisions while helping you understand the process.

At the end of each deal, you find out how you would have scored in the actual event. All the results from actual play are recorded, and you could score yourself as you go. On most of the deals you will be declarer. Occasionally, you defend.

This is an outstanding product for intermediate players with aspirations to higher achievement.

It is easy to install and use - and fun to play. Can you imagine a better format for learning?

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