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By: Paul Linxwiler

Originally Published in The American Contract Bridge League BULLETIN, August, 2002

The best-published champions of the two-over-one (2/1) systems, Max Hardy and Mike Lawrence, have done more to change the bidding tastes of North American players than anyone since Goren. Their writings have persuaded generations of bridge players of the advantages of 2/1 versus "standard" bidding. Lawrence, however, has now eclipsed previous efforts at outlining the 2/1 approach with the introduction of his CD-ROM The Two Over One System.

The reason why this work deserves the nod as the best instructional material on 2/1 is twofold. First, the format: the CD-ROM allows for a presentation that trumps what you would find in any book. Second, the scope: Lawrence has put together the most comprehensive look at this system in the business. It's not just the magnitude of material, however, that makes this product a must-have for 2/1 fans, it's the focus on 2/1 in competition that separates this work from the rest.

Understanding constructive, unobstructed bidding is one thing (and Lawrence does an amazing job at explaining these), but when the opponents butt in, it's necessary to have well-defined agreements in place for success at the table, especially in today's hyperactive competitive environment. Lawrence drills the reader on understanding which sequences are forcing which are invitational and which are non-forcing in common competitive auctions.

Speaking of drills, Lawrence provides eight chapters of quizzes (there are 18 chapters). Each problem is explained in detail.

Typically, Lawrence presents a hand and an auction and asks what the reader would bid with the given hand at different points in the auction. Lawrence even prompts the reader with three or four choices per question. The reader can select an answer and then Lawrence examines why each choice is right or wrong.

There material is suitable for everyone. Highly recommended. A+

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