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By: Kathy Anday-Fallenius

Originally Published in Post-Mortem, August, 1996

Hot off the presses - 2 new bridge products:

Bridge-Master for Windows: Bridge Master is 'Auto-Bridge' for the 90s (and then some!). It is a computer program which lets you declare hands with the computer defending. The computer is always accurate. If you choose anything but the best line of play, you will go down because the hands will be re-arranged to defeat you. Players of all levels will enjoy it. New deals are available (in sets of 30).

The new version has 180 deals, on-line help, good documentation, a counting feature and plenty of user options. The program may be obtained directly from Bridge Base Inc. 2805 High Sail Court, Las Vegas, NV, USA 89117. Telephone (702) 341-9993. E-mail $59.95 (+5.00 shipping/handling) - $25.00 (+5.00 shipping/handling) Upgrade for registered users.

You've heard of books on tape - now there are interactive books on computer: 'Counting at Bridge' by Mike Lawrence is designed to teach the intermediate player the thought processes necessary to declare and defend well. There are over 100 deals, as well as helpful tips on bidding and strategy. There is no punishment if you guess wrong, you can try again. After each quiz Mike explains the correct answers. The program may be obtained directly from Mike Lawrence, 131 Alvarado Road, Berkeley CA 94705 for $34.95 plus shipping/handling.

You can also order from Baron Barclay Bridge Supplies at 1-800-274-2221 or e-mail at

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