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By: Maureen Dennison

Originally Published in Bridge Magazine, Christmas, 1998

This is a very useful learning aid to improve your bridge, covering the most difficult area to learn - handling the cards as declarer. Canadian International, Fred Gitelman, has produced a computer program that covers five levels of play, from easy to very hard.

You are presented with any bidding by the opponents, the lead, and yours and dummy's hands. Over to you. If you make a mistake, the contract will fail. If you take a finesse, either way when you have, say, A-J-9 opposite K-10-8, instead of throwing the opponent in to open up the suit, the Queen will be in the hand into which you finesse! The computer always makes sure mistakes are penalised. When the hand is over, a simple commentary comes up and you can see where you went wrong.

The program includes 180 hands (36 at each level). Extra sets of hands can be purchased separately.

Audrey Grant (America's best know bridge teacher) has made a new version with 117 hands for beginners.

Key: * = Poor        ***** = Excellent
Presentation: *****
Ease of Use: *****
Value for Money: *****
Overall: *****

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