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Review By: Phillip D. Alder

Originally Published in The Bridge World, June, 2002

Mike Lawrence, once known for excellent books, is now the maven of instructional computer software. The latest in his series of first-rate products is, "Conventions" (Windows CD; $59.95).

The program is a mixture of instruction in many of the bidding methods in common use today and the author's personal recommendations for choosing the agreements to make with your regular partners. The viewpoint is more practical than theoretical; for example, considerable attention is paid to competitive sequences. A strong point is the classification of each potential understanding as indispensable, worthwhile but not vital, or dangerous for those with poor memories. This is a tutorial rather than a reference book, and for variety there are a few play problems thrown in.

I especially recommended this product to those who feel in need not only of instruction to gain familiarity with the modern world but also of an objective, expert opinion on what is really important and a sensible prioritization of things to discuss with your partner.

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