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By: The Editor

Originally Published in The Club Letter, June, 1998

Private Bridge Lessons, Volume 1, is the sequel to the Counting at Bridge program by the same authors that we recommended in an earlier edition of the CLUB LETTER.

This program concentrates on the techniques that are commonly employed by experts and shows how they can be incorporated into your bridge game. The topics covered in great depth are:

The Simple Squeeze
Safety Plays
Percentage Plays
Interesting Hands

One of the most wonderful parts of this program is that during each of the problems Mike is there to assist you both in the bidding judgements and in explaining the play of the hand. His bridge tips are not only instructional; they also are fun for the reader and easy to absorb. He provides variations of many of the hands to make it even more interesting and challenging. As always, we give Mike and Fred's software Our highest recommendation.

Private Bridge Lessons, Volume 2 will be released later in 1998 and will be covering these and other important declarer techniques. If the content is as good as always, this too should be a valuable addition to your bridge library.

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