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Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Corporation

July, 1994

I'm delighted to endorse your product. Bridge Master is not only the best learning tool I've encountered, but it is also great fun. I recommend it to everyone interested in bridge.

Canadian Master Point

November, 1992

Making mention of Fred Gitelman, a fine local player and regular columnist, we want to draw your attention to world champion Eric Rodwell's review of Fred's excellent new piece of software, Bridge Master, which will be available just in time for Christmas. We also want to add a few of our own comments to those of the reviewer. We feel that this is arguably the best bridge software ever produced. Its potential is enormous.

Bridge Master provides hands with a lesson, at five different skill levels. You play the hand and the computer defends -- perfectly. One thing that particularly appeals to us is that in the world of Bridge Master justice is always served; if you play correctly you succeed, and if you don't, you fail. You cannot escape the consequences of your mistakes, but you are always rewarded for making the optimal play. If the real world was like that, we would all probably learn a lot faster.

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