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By: Susan Bracken

Originally Published in The Kibitzer, Fall 2001

This online playing site is everything that Canadian players need, plus. You can play hands with other live players or set up hands to practice bidding with a partner or a teacher. And you can IMP your results against those that were originally achieved at major tournaments if you select a saved hand. When you first enter the bridge club you can start a table of your choice of bridge including Set Game; Rubber; Duplicate MPs; Duplicate IMPs, Teaching; MiniBridge. Club managers can set up their bridge club online so that members can play online with each other in their own space. There is also an excellent Vugraph room, and Chat rooms where you can display hand and bidding diagrams with text.

Systems notes and Convention Cards are provided if you want them.

A lecture hall will present famous bridge players, writers and teachers.

Go to to download the necessary software, then log in and go to the Bridge Library where you will get tutorials on how to use the program (you can print them if you want; they are quite detailed). While you are there check out Fred Gitelman's hilarious short story (with hands) for advanced players, entitled "Bridge in the Village".

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