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By: Eric Kokish

Originally Published in The Montreal Gazette, August 3, 1996

When it comes to practical instructive bridge material, Mike Lawrence (who lives in the Bay area of San Francisco) is one of the very best bridge writers on the planet. He has joined forces with Toronto's Fred Gitelman, the creator of Bridge Master, Base II, Base III, the ACBL's Pendergraph software, and a glorious computer version of the ACBL Audrey Grant Club Series (among things), to produce "Counting at Bridge" ($49.95 Cdn). This product is to a certain extent an interactive bridge book designed with Mike Lawrence, whose "intermediate" bridge lessons are world-famous. For good reason. As the user works his way through the hundred-odd deals at his own pace, he is asked to select the next bid or play or to draw conclusions about the location of certain high cards or the distribution. There is a thorough explanation of the reasoning required to reach the correct solution and alternatives are often considered as well. Apart from the considerable wisdom and technical skill to be gleaned from this program, the user will enjoy the interface and excellent graphics. The program is extremely user-friendly and if you're a developing player or thinking of purchasing something useful for friends at that stage, "Counting at Bridge" won't disappoint you. We can expect more products in the near future from this talented duo. For more information please contact Fred or Sheri at Bridge Base in Las Vegas at 702-341-9993.

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