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The art of the deal
Bridge primer suitable for all
By: Ann Wilson

Originally Published in The Toronto Sun, April 30, 1997

Bridge Master for Windows is an enjoyable and challenging program for bridge players of all skill levels. It assumes only a very basic knowledge of the game.

After choosing your skill level, you are presented with a series of "Deals" to play. You are given the bidding and the opening lead. Then, you play the hand as the "declarer" and attempt to make your "contract."

At the end of each "deal," you receive a rating. If the contract is made, your rating is given as the name of a famous bridge expert. If the contract fails, the rating will be "Incorrect." You can then access the "Bridge Movie" option, for an analysis describing the correct line of play and why it is the best choice.

Unlike books and columns written on bridge, which may be dull and difficult to understand, the "Bridge Movie" feature illustrates the reasoning behind the analysis in simple-to-follow colored diagrams.

The program also includes a "Count Window" option which helps you form a mental picture of what your opponents were dealt initially and what cards they have remaining.

The basic Bridge Master for Windows includes 180 problem "Deals." Hundreds of "Extra Deals" are also available which can easily be added to the program. For beginners, there is another edition which has 117 problem "deals."

Bridge Master for Windows is recommended not only as an excellent learning and practice tool, but also as a challenging game for fun and relaxation.

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