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 Teach Yourself Bridge Technique (and have a laugh too)

From acclaimed author David Bird, Teach Yourself Bridge Technique is unlike any other bridge software you've ever seen. It is intended for the intermediate player.

Ten major areas of declarer play (including, for example, Entry Management and Avoidance Play) are presented in David's clear and entertaining style. Each chapter contains an introduction to the topic followed by a series of problem deals. The auction of each deal is briefly discussed (often with quiz questions). You can then play these deals against the computer using Bridge Master technology where the intention is to have the E-W cards arranged to defeat you should you misplay the contract. Next comes a card-by-card explanation of the correct play.

There is also some fun: two chapters filled with the hilarious exploits of the nuns of St. Hilda's Convent and the monks of St. Titus Monastery. Again you can try to make the contracts yourself before seeing what happens in the story. The program also features some beautiful music and wonderful pictures with visual effects. Finally all of the deals can be played in random order, so that you will not be alerted in advance as to the type of technique required.

System requirements: IBM compatible computer, Windows 95 or later, 5 MB free hard disk space, CD ROM drive.

Please note: The copy protection for these programs requires the CD ROM to be in the computer at start-up.

Teach Yourself Bridge Technique sells for US $39.95 plus US $6.00 shipping and handling.

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