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Bridge Master for Windows (released August 1, 1996) is a past release of our highly acclaimed Bridge Master software. For a full description of the software, click here. Or you can read the reviews of Bridge Master for Windows.

New features include:

  • A Windows graphical user interface
  • 30 new lesson deals (180 in total, including the 150 from the DOS verison)
  • Several new options for customizing the user interface
  • Excellent documentation and online help
  • Facility for teaching the user to count the hand

System Requirements: IBM compatible computer, Windows 3.1 or better, 1 MB free hard disk space, 3.5" disk drive.

Bridge Master for Windows is no longer available as the latest version is Bridge Master 2000. DOS Bridge Master and Bridge Master for Windows users can upgrade for US $25.00 + US $6.00 shipping and handling. Nevada residents please see price list for applicable taxes.

Additional sets of 30 deals at any skill level are also available.

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