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The strongest computer bridge player in the world
**Sold, but not developed by Bridge Base Inc.

  • "Sensational breakthrough in bridge software" (Onno Eskes, editor of the Dutch Bridge Magazine IMP)
  • "Revolutionary; certainly much better than any other program I have ever seen ... entirely in a class by itself" (Fred Gitelman, Canadian internationalist)
  • "Tremble for the human race" (Zia Mahmood, world champion)
  • "Impressed by the quality of its card play" (Jeff Meckstroth, world champion)
  • "Ginsberg has shown that his program plays the cards much much better than any program on the market" (Jim Loy's software review)

Overview of Features

  • Highest quality of play of any bridge program, commercial or otherwise
  • Easy-to-use graphical interface click for screen shot
  • Multilingual interface supporting Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian and Swedish
  • Get hints or watch GIB think
  • Compare your play with closed room experts: Replay 2500+ deals from international tournaments and compare your actions to those of the masters
  • Variety of defensive signalling options. Not only does GIB signal, it watches your signals and defends appropriately.
  • The only computer program ever to have been a member of the ACBL or to have won master points in play against humans
  • ACBL and international-style convention cards
  • Wide range of bidding systems, including Standard American, 2/1 Game Forcing, Kaplan-Sheinwold, ACOL, and traditional Goren; many individual conventions as well
  • High-visibility card option for use on small or hard-to-read screens
  • Sophisticated artificial intelligence search algorithms use Monte Carlo techniques for card play and Borel simulations for bidding

System requirements:

  • 133 MHz Pentium processor
  • 32 MB memory
  • 20 MB disk
  • SVGA (800 x 600) graphics or better
  • Windows95 or later

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