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Bridge Master is an interactive educational software product designed to improve your declarer play skills. Regardless of your level of ability, from novice to World Champion, using Bridge Master is certain to improve your card play skills. This product has been universally recognized as the best medium ever created for learning declarer play.

For a full description of the software, click here. Or you can read some of the many reviews of Bridge Master for DOS.

Bridge Master is endorsed by many of the world's best bridge players including:

  • Billy Eisenberg
  • Benito Garazzo
  • Bobby Goldman
  • Bob Hamman
  • Eric Kokish
  • Mike Lawrence
  • Zia Mahmood
  • Jeff Meckstroth
  • Eric Rodwell
  • Kit Woolsey

Bridge Master is the only software product that Audrey Grant, North America's top bridge teacher, is willing to recommend to her students. Warren Buffett, Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Corporation and one of America's leading businessmen, is also an avid Bridge Master user.

Bridge Master for DOS is no longer available as our latest relese is Bridge Master 2000. DOS Bridge Master users can upgrade for US $25.00 + US $5.00 shipping and handling. Canadian orders, please see price list.

Additional sets of 30 deals at any skill level are also available.

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