Mike Lawrence Software Upgrades

Old versions of four Mike Lawrence CD-ROMs (Counting at Bridge, Defense, Private Bridge Lessons Volume 1, and Private Bridge Lessons Volume 2) will not run properly under some versions of Windows Vista or Windows 7. The purpose of this web page is to correct these problems for people who have already purchased these CD-ROMs.

Please follow these instructions:

   1. Install one of the non-working programs from its CD-ROM. You can ignore any warning messages that might appear during this process.
   2. Click the link below that corresponds to the program you just installed.
   3. When you are asked if you want to "run" or "save", select "run".
   4. When the download is complete you will be asked a series of questions. You can ignore these questions and select the answers that will move things forward ("Yes", "OK", "Next").
   5. When this process is complete, you can use the icon on your desktop to run a working version of the program in question.
   6. Go back to step 1 if you have other programs that are not working properly.

Click here to upgrade Counting at Bridge
Click here to upgrade Defense
Click here to upgrade Private Bridge Lessons Volume 1
Click here to upgrade Private Bridge Lessons Volume 2

If you have any further questions or problems, please e-mail: bbi@bridgebase.com.
If you would like to order CD-ROMs containing the latest versions of these programs, please e-mail: 77bridge@michaelslawrence.com.