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 The Terence Reese Classics

From well-known author Terence Reese, The Terence Reese Classics consists of one CD including both Play Bridge With Reese and Master Play (The Expert Game) (in both English and Dutch). *Bridge Base no longer sells this program, but it can be obtained from other retailers.

Play These Hands With Me, a third book, comes on a CD ROM and can be added into the original program as a supplement (it cannot be purchased on its own). *Bridge Base does sell this supplement.

Play Bridge With Reese offers 76 deals where after following Reese's thoughts during the bidding, the user is invited to play the contract. Following your attempt as declarer there is a "Bridge Movie" which shows you, trick by trick, how Reese tackled the deal and why. You can play along with him in either single or double dummy mode. Afterwards, the main points of the deal are summarized and often alternatives and variations are discussed as well.

Master Play published in the UK as The Expert Game offers 130 deals on various high-level techniques. Again you are invited to play the contract initially and watch as Reese explains the nature of the deal and the technique.

Play These Hands With Me offers 68 deals which follow the same format as Play Bridge With Reese above.

Terence Reese (1913-1996) is considered by many to have been the greatest bridge writer ever. The programs take advantage of Fred Gitelman's Bridge Master technology allowing you to play against the computer the hands that Reese devised and analysed. The intention is to arrange the E-W cards to defeat your contract should you misplay it; most often you will not be able to make your contract unless you play correctly.

System requirements: IBM compatible computer, Windows 95 or later, 5 MB free hard disk space, CD ROM drive, at least 800x600 screen resolution.

Please note: The copy protection for these programs requires the CD ROM to be in the computer at start-up.

The Terence Reese Classics CD sells for US $39.95 plus US $6.00 shipping and handling. The Play These Hands With Me diskette sells for US $14.95, but can only be installed into the original Reese Classics program (that is, it cannot be run on its own). Nevada residents please see ordering page for applicable taxes.

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