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 A View from the Top

A View from the Top, written by Bob Hamman and Barry Rigal, is designed to achieve two things: to provide some interesting and challenging bridge hands for your enjoyment, and to give you insights on how a true expert approaches problems at the table. In this program, Bob Hamman (ranked #1 bridge player for many years) discusses his theory of bidding and he analyzes how to tackle both general and specific problems in the play.

The format of the program (in both English and Dutch) is that the user sees a hand and is given a series of problems as the auction progresses. For the most part, Barry Rigal poses the specific questions and the answers and Bob Hamman discusses the general philosophy of the bidding.

At the end of the auction the user takes over in the role of declarer -- or in some cases as a defender -- and again answers quiz questions. The user, when declaring, gets to play the contract against the computer. At the conclusion of play, Hamman summarizes the main points of the bidding and play.

The program also contains a video clip of Bob Hamman discussing his views on bridge. A video viewer that accepts file types with the extension .wmv is required to see the video.

System requirements: IBM compatible computer, Windows 95 or later, 5 MB free hard disk space, CD ROM drive, at least 800x600 screen resolution.

Please note: The copy protection for this program requires the CD ROM to be in the computer at start-up.

A View from the Top sells for US $29.95 plus US $6.00 shipping and handling.

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